Friday, April 5, 2013

TWITrek Character Insight No. 45: Engineer Alex

This is the latest installment in a series of "Character Insight" articles regarding the rich history of characters in the Star Trek universe.  An audio version will appear on the This Week in Trek podcast, available for direct download here.
Welcome back to Character Insight!  This week, our subject is Engineer Alex from Enterprise.

Alex served multiple background roles on board the Enterprise under Captain Archer. More often than not, Alex can be seen working on the warp engines or sharing a meal with crewmates in the mess hall. Alex is often seen multiple times as one of the crew members hanging out at movie night, such as when he sat by the Captain during Frankenstein.

When not working in engineering, Alex helped out as a tactical officer or as an armory officer. That led poor Alex into many dangerous situations, and he was one of the most injury-prone personnel on board the ship.

There were the first degree burns from a nitrogen valve blowing in his face, the time he was knocked unconscious by a Ferengi gas canister, the time he was adversely affected by a black hole, the dealing with fellow crewmembers being possessed by the wisps, burns from Xindi weapons, and being affected by Orion female pheromones. Quite a list for a poor background character!

Alex showed up in 35 episodes, which makes him one of the most prominent non-speaking roles in Star Trek history. From installing the phase cannons on the Enterprise to helping out with various first contact missions, Alex likely could have been a much bigger player in the Enterprise story had the show gone on longer.
Actor: Mark Correy played Alex, although he is never credited for it during the show. He also played several aliens during the Enterprise series and also appears in the soap The Young and The Restless and comedy movies Fun with Dick and Jane and Christmas With The Kranks. It's moderately surprising this hunk of a dude has not had more starring roles!

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