Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Terrible PUG Heroic

I did Pa'troll one time. It was barf city, so I never did it again and rep grinded AC solely through ta-BARD rep just like every other faction in WOTLK. Speaking of rep grinding...

So I get home about half an hour early because the project I was working on needs a partner meeting, and he's not willing to do it until this morning. Plus, wife and Paige were off to King's Island for the afternoon. As it turned out, I ended up with like 3+ hours of unexpected playtime. I started with the Tournament dailies and right as I'm picking up the Edge of Winter in HF, a tell goes out in gchat to help heal on a couple bosses in heroic HoS, which is the daily. I haven't instanced much recently, so I jump on it. Well we get in the instance and it's me and Mannodios (80 lock) from the Illuminati and three from , who I've worked with before but is not the best group of players.

As we're standing there waiting for an AFK'er to come back, the mobs at the front of the instance respawn. It is at this point where I realize this is going to be a challenging group. I whisper Mannodios and ask how long they've been in there, and she says "they are nice people just slow." OK, well now you've got a damn good healer so let's get it done. They had finished only Krystallus, and had wiped I guess like 5-6 times on the Maiden of Grief. I didn't even know that was possible. Anyways, as we're reclearing the opening wing one of the AAG guys is moaning about stomach pains on vent. And his guildies, being nice people, start inquiring about his health. Turns out, the guy just had stomach bypass surgery or somesuch and is having strong stomach pains. So we convince him to call his surgeon and sure enough, he's off to the emergency room, but only after we convince him we'll be OK. Seriously dude, real life health bars are more important than anything in game. /facepalm

AAG cannot find a replacement, so I call out in gchat. And immediately pick up Zao, so another 80 lock from our guild. We get her summoned and go up and beat the everloving piss out of Maiden. I immediately get whispers and party chat bombed from the 3 original members of the group for GREAT HEALS OMG! So they must have been running with a complete moron. I know the next two bosses and especially the Brann event are a couple of the harder overall heroic bosses, so I'm barely optimistic. We clear to the Brann event. Wipe. Wipe. Wipe. I tell them this is our last go, and we manage to all die but right as Brann gets his job done and kills all the boss mobs himself. LOL. So we rez run while Brann has his talking fest and get ready for the final boss. At this point Zao is inspecting Manno and asks, what's up with Moonshroud Robe? Why not Ebonweave Robe? Manno says that she couldn't find the Ebonweave Robe on the AH and so settled for the Moonshroud even though its not optimal. /facepalm

So our first try on Sjonnir goes OK, but not quite good enough. Second try, tank D/C's. Third try, Kelley gets home and doesn't leave a hand open to unlock the door so she bangs on the door until I go open it. We'd literally just pulled when she started banging. With a sigh, I put G-Spirit on the tank and run to the door and back. By the time I get back G-Spirit has just been consumed and I'm at 8% health. I couldn't click the Fel Healthstone in time, so I end up refilling the tank, but it's not quite enough. I apologize to the group and tell them we'll buckle down and get him, and of course we do. Daily heroic quest paid for the repair bill, Zao nabbed some serious upgrades, and Zao and I combined to form a new Ebonweave robe with the Frozen Orb for Manno. I got gold for my cooldown cloth and mats to remake them, Zao got a skill point in Tailoring, Manno doesn't look stupid anymore, everyone wins.

Despite the facepalming nature of the HoS run, it was very satisfying to come in and lead a group to a victory I'm fairly certain they don't get unless they have an overgeared healer making up the difference. In any event, I know I made another close guild friend with Manno for sticking it out and making it succeed, and of course Zao is always cool to run with. I capped the night with lots of quest turn ins for the Dalaran and Tournament dailies, netting probably another 100 gold or more.

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