Friday, July 3, 2009

The AE Team

A little history...I started playing back around Labor Day 2008. I had 4 real life friends in the game, one of which has moved on to prepping for Starcraft II. The remaining four of us have been members of The Illuminati on Earthen Ring for about the entire time I've been playing. I started on a human priest (Ekaterinae) because healing always intrigues me, and sure enough I fell in love. Everything has been an absolute joy on this main, even though I leveled her holy all the way to 80! What a grind! I also played around with a dwarf hunter (Vanadae), which is a nice relaxing side project when I want to be alone. I tried a draenei warrior (Aenariel) but never got into it, and once the Death Knight craze had died I tried one of those and got him all the way to level 71 (Navarionae). I bought some tanking gear and ran UK a couple of times, thinking I would find some freshness in the game. However, all I found was a frustrating challenge. I realized a few days ago that each of us in my group of friends has completely different playstyles and goals. I'll refer to them by their main's names to keep it cool.

Aurys loves playing on a million alts (he has 50 toons), he loves PvP and raiding. He's splitting his primary time between his original guild Nights on another server and The Illuminati. He's also the only one who plays Horde-side as well as Alliance.

Eitrin loves leveling toons, and has 1 of each class on Earthen Ring, alliance side. Most over 60.

Mikola loves dailies, and has more money and dailies completed on his 2-3 powerful toons than any of the rest of us.

And as for myself, I love the healing role. I love being the backbone of groups and never having to worry about finding anything other than a tank. I have limited playtime for real life reasons, so I'm only working on 2 mains and 2 alts, all healers. So the new AE Team is officially formed, made up of healers of each class to keep my life interesting in game. I will only play Vanadae and Navarionae when I need to get away from it all...but those toons will likely never see max level and that's the plan. So without further ado, here's the AE Team!

First, the Alliance-side main is Ekaterinae (80), a human priest who has received the lion's share of my playtime and is my achievement and seasonal holiday hunter. She was created in August 2008. Priest healing is so amazing, and her offspec is currently Shadow for dailies but I might make her Discipline for more healing goodness. She's also bankrolling the Alliance-side with a bag business and emblems for heirlooms. She's maxed Tailoring, Enchanting, Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid.

Second, the Horde-side main (and only toon for the foreseeable future) is a blood elf Paladin named Biancae (10). She will be receiving the most of my initial attention on the new leveling plans, at least over the next two. She was created in July 2009 and will be a Miner/Jewelcrafter as well as Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid.

The first Alliance alt is a night elf druid named Arielae (10). She was created back in March 2009 and has been languishing behind my previous set of alts until my recent revelations. Although still subject to change, I believe she will specialize in Herbalism and Alchemy.

The second and final Alliance alt is a draenei shaman named Clarissae (1). She was also started in July 2009 and will be tearing up Azuremist and Bloodmyst Islands very soon. No professions have been selected for her, though Mining and Engineering is where I'm leaning for fun. After all, who doesn't want fun on an alt?

And the team would not be complete without bank alts! Aebanky has been my little pink-pigtailed gnome banker on Alliance side for many months now, and Aetrusty has now joined the fold as a companion on the Horde side, since my mains cannot always go auction housing themselves. So here they are:

So with all that being said, welcome to WoW Trek. I will mostly be talking about these leveling alts and healing in the 4 classes, although there may be days when I talk about other aspects of the game. If you happen to cross paths with any of my toons in Earthen Ring, say hello! I'll be happy to see you.

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