Friday, October 16, 2009

Awesome news for one AE Team Member

Well ever since I rolled Biancae the paladin on Horde-side to experience that side of the game, I knew it would be an uphill battle on Biancae as she is a lone ranger on that faction. Unlike Arielae and Clarissae, Biancae has no big bags, no substantial gold (although I am working on that with another cross-faction friend), and most importantly, no heirloom items. This might not have been a huge deal initially, but with champion's seals it is now possible to cut about 17% off the leveling time. When you are talking about 7-8 days in game time, that becomes a significant amount of extra time. So what gets announced tonight in a blue post but the news people like me have been hoping to see for a long time.

Bind on Account (BoA) items will be transferable between characters of different factions on your account. This will likely be released with Patch 3.3.

Boom! There it is, a Friday night bombshell. Not only will you be able to move your heirlooms across factions if you choose to, but it will be coming most likely in the next content patch. Considering Icecrown Citadel raid encounters began testing this week, it is only a matter of a few weeks until Patch 3.3 drops. And then, Biancae will no longer take 17% longer to level. This is just the help the Horde-side of the AE Team needed, and I thank Blizzard for thinking of those of us just starting on our WoW journey.

In other news, it's October and I'm 210 hours off my yearly goal. Hence, I'm working a ton. On the bright side, I have a bit of extra time to work on the new house and enjoy WoW this week with my family visiting others in Wisconsin. So hopefully I'll be on here a bit more. Apologies to my new followers, who have not seen much out of me. Arielae has dinged 31 and crossed into the tough territory of the early 30's. She's headed to Kalimdor for her next swath of leveling, and I hope to report level 40 quickly.

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