Tuesday, October 20, 2009



All the holiday achievements have been very fun to pursue since I was introduced to the Headless Horseman on the last 2 days of Hallow's End 2008. At that time I was level 66 and being carried by friends. Ever since grabbing the free experience from candy buckets and opening up flight points last year, I've been hooked to the holiday events. The fact that there was a big achievement and reward at the end made it so much more worth the while. So above I present to you...THE VIOLET PROTO DRAKE!

So did I have to wait for the RNG to treat me well with the Horseman drops? Yes, but not in the way you think. I had 4 of the Hallow's End achievements left to do from last year. Two were the holiday quests which were easy peasy. I also needed to put Weighted Jack O Lanterns on people's heads and get the pet and hallowed helm from the Horseman. Well I got lucky on the pet and helm dropping the second day of the holiday, but I could never get the Horseman to drop the weighted jack o lanterns. Found out tonight they are tradeable, so a couple guildies sent me some and I got some from night three of Horseman runs. Off to Dalaran, and a few cackles later, the deed was done. Definitely one of the better titles in the game, and by far the best of the holiday titles. Ekaterinae The Hallowed. Now riding around at such a speed it will make you hear sonic booms. Hallelujah.

Here's some screenies of the big moment and the long-awaited payoff.

So the second major achievement dream has been chased successfully, Explorer being the first. Time to set my eyes on some dungeons or Loremaster, or maybe something else entirely. Suggestions welcome, but it better be fun!

In other news, I've been in Onyxia 10 and 25 and Trial of the Crusader 25 twice the past week. I'll give my thoughts on Patch 3.2 and 3.2.2 in a future entry for those who have yet to see the newest content. It's quite a bit easier than the learning curve on Ulduar, but Icecrown is certain to have some serious challenges ahead.

Until next time, may your dream-chasing be successful.

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