Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Achievement Hunting Vol. 3 - Pilgrim

New in 2009, a Thanksgiving themed holiday was added to the seasonal holiday festivals in Azeroth. While earning the title Pilgrim and that snazzy plump turkey shown above are not currently required for the Long Strange Journey achievement, it likely will be added in the next couple of years. As is the custom, we list the nine achievements you need to get the title and run them down from easiest to hardest. My apologies on the timing here, as this will not help you until 2010. Thankfully, this one is pretty simple overall as the holiday only lasts 7 days.

1. FOOD FIGHT - Basically half of this holiday centers around a bunch of Thanksgiving feasting tables outside every major city. So what you do is sit down at one of five seats and hopefully you'll have some other people at the table with you. You can pass the dish in front of you by clicking on the appropriate icon in your action bar, and if you target the person you get this achievement.

2. Sharing is Caring - After throwing food at your mates, switch seats and pass every dish around the table. It's the spirit of caring! Very easy.

3. Pilgrim's Paunch - To get the Spirit of Sharing, you must eat five servings of each of the five dishes at a table. You can get the dishes passed to you by others or you can get up and move around the table if nobody is around. The hardest part of this challenge is doing this in every city, which involves travel and some creative hearthing. Meanwhile...

4. Now We're Cooking - There are 5 dishes you learn how to cook as part of this season. As a sidenote, you can get your cooking up to 350 from 1 on this holiday alone, and you will get cooking up past 300 if you want to do all the holiday. Good time to catch up the skill on alts. Each of your main cities sells one or two types of raw materials and the autumnal seasoning and honey you will need. It's all pretty cheap and the food you cook will be useful for a bunch of regular and daily quests. With two day's worth of dailies, you can get everything you need for the achievements below (A hat, a robe/dress, and 8 turkey shooters).

5. Pilgrim's Progress - As just mentioned, you will need to cook up all the dishes for the various dailies. The hardest part is managing your inventory of goods as you don't want to make multiple trips to each city to get the job done. Stock up ont he raw materials and have what you need when you get there! Again, two day's worth of dailies need to be done, but they are incredibly easy.

6. Pilgrim's Peril - Now we get to the active stuff. In addition to visiting all your own faction's cities over and over, you must pay pilgrimage to the opposing capitals and sit at each table as well. For each side, two will flag you for PVP and will likely get you killed, while two others will not. You will be flagged as Alliance in Thunder Bluff and Undercity. Undercity is the worse of the two as you have to enter the tight passages of the ruins above UC. For Horde, the only problem is Darnassus and it is by far the worst of the lot because you have to deal with the guards in Darkshore and then travel through the center of Darnassus to get to the other side where the tables are. Sorry Hordies, you drew the short end of the stick.

7. Terrorkar Turkey Time - Now we get to the three more difficult achievements. Talon King Ikiss is the final boss of Auchenai Crypts, which is a relatively easy Outland dungeon at level 80. You still probably need 2 people to do this and 3-4 to make it comfortable. You also need to have the Hat along with the Dress, Robe, or Attire on when you kill the King. Not terribly hard but you do need a group in all likelihood.

8. The Turkinator - It's very likely this will irritate you more than most holiday achievements. However, if you know what to do, it's not too bad. Turkeys spawn all over Tirisfal and Elwynn, and you need to kill a string of 40 in a row, killing each in the string within 30 seconds of your last kill. Easier said than done, and pretty much impossible if others are also trying to do the same thing at the same time. Elwynn is much more crowded, so do it around Tirisfal and do it during offpeak hours, maybe even 2-3 days into the festival to avoid others. The other trick is to set up a macro which says /target Wild Turkey. That's all it does, and you run around and click that macro like crazy to find more turkeys during your run. I had the pleasure of losing two streaks in the 30's, but don't lose faith. You'll get it eventually.

9. Turkey Lurkey - And while this is much easier than The Turkinator in reality, it's very much based on finding very low populations of people. You must shoot the 8 types of rogues there are in the game, and Dwarf and Troll rogues are two of the least played 5 race/class combinations in the game. You may need to convince guildies to roll new ones and let you shoot them in the starting areas, as some rogues don't take kindly to this holiday. I stalked a couple kinds of rogues in starting zones and got lucky in Dalaran on the rest. But this could be what stops you from getting the plump turkey and the Pilgrim title.

And that's it! A new title, 100 achievement points, and a cool little pet will be yours. Take your turkey next to a fire and see what happens. Destiny will call. So another holiday in the can and next we turn to Winter's Veil or Christmas. All in all this holiday is pretty well designed and has a lot of upside in the cooking skill ups for alts without hassle. This is one of the better holidays in wow and will be a good addition to Long Strange Journey in the future.

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