Thursday, December 17, 2009

Achievement Hunting Vol. 4: Merrymaker

It's the most wonderful time...of the year. There are gnome costumes battling and snowballs for throwing and lots of good cheer. It's the most wonderful's the most wonderful's the most wonderful time of the year!

Yes that's right, we're back for another installment of how to get a Violet Proto Drake, also known as holiday achievement hunting. The in-game Christmas holiday Winter's Veil is a good opportunity to have some fun, see some parts of the world you normally do not visit, and of course, OPEN PRESENTS! This year it appears our gift will be a BB gun of some sort, as that's a Christmas classic (see The Christmas Story movie if you do not understand) and already has an achievement attached. It looks like we achievement hunters will be shooting some opposite-faction leaders for fun and profit.

But since we cannot do that until we have said BB Gun, let's get the rest of the holiday done in the meantime, shall we? While Ekaterinae has her holiday done and looks snazzy in all that Christmas ho-ho-ho gear as I call it, this holiday marks the beginning of the journey for Navarionae towards his proto drake. So I'll be right there with everyone else again this year. Here's the eleven achievements you need to track, in order from easiest to toughest, from a priest perspective of course.

1. Scrooge - All you need to do is toss a snowball at the faction leader where all the holiday fun is going on (Ironforge or Orgrimmar). Snowballs are easy to get, so this is no problem.

2. He Knows If You've Been Naughty - All you need to do is be patient on this one. On December 25, gather around the big tree and open the presents you find underneath. There will certainly be a BB Gun by all indications in 2009, but other little gifts will be there for you too. Open one and this one is done.

3. Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's - Basically one of the things you must do during the holiday is kiss winter revelers in every major city. You can do this once per hour and you will get snowflakes and mistletoe and possibly holly which changes your mount into a reindeer. So do that for a few times until you get some mistletoe, then all you need to do is travel around to a bunch of "brother" NPC's. Most of them are in major cities.

4. Simply Abominable - This is one of the questlines of the holiday, and it starts with a quest called Stolen Winter Veil Treats. Basically this will only require a trip to Alterac Mountains and a probable wait for the Greench to respawn. Once you have the treats, return them to IF/ORG and you'll get the achievement and a disguise kit.

5. A Frosty Shake - This only ranks up this high because you need the disguise kit from Simply Abominable to become a snowman in Dalaran. Obviously it helps if your character is in Northrend, but your lower level toons can get a portal there and do the snowman dance with someone else doing the same thing.

6. On Metzen! - Another short and fun questline here. You essentially save Metzen the reindeer from a terrible fate, either in Tanaris or Searing Gorge. Obviously these zones are a little rough on low levels, so this is probably a limiting factor for those characters in completing the holiday. Nevertheless, other than a quick trip, this is simple.

7. The Winter Veil Gourmet - Well all you need to do is cook up some holiday fare to get this one. The hardest two parts are getting some Small Eggs, which are easily farmed in low level zones, and then have enough cooking skill for the recipes. If you leveled cooking in getting Pilgrim, this is not an issue. If not, then get cooking as you need 325 skill.

8. Let It Snow - Many of the holidays have something you need to do to 10 unique race/class combinations. This is Winter's Veil version. The snow flakes you need come from the winter revelers, so that part is easy. Although most of the listed combinations are fairly common, you may need some help with Blood Elf Warlock and Troll Hunter. But still, much better than hunting dwarf rogues.

9. Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la - In the back side of Blade's Edge Mountains, you will find the Ogri'la and some nasty forge camps. In the past you needed to do a couple day's worth of dailies with the Ogri'la to open up the daily you need, which is Bomb Them Again. However, now you can just run right up and do the daily. You need a flying mount and other than that, it's just a matter of learning how to bomb the forge camps without being killed. It's really not too hard, but if you have epic flight, this will be a joke.

10. With A Little Helper From My Friends - in every city there is a machine that will turn you into a sexy gnome in hohoho costume. You need to acquire 50 honorable kills in this getup, but the hitch is that you have to leave a BG to get a new costume as it drops off when you die. Thus, you will want to target places like Wintergrasp and AB rather than WSG and AV to rack up the most kills per BG. From a priest's perspective, just follow a group and heal like crazy. Hopefully people will rack up kills for you, as you are not a great PvP solo class even on shadow.

11. Tis the Season - This achievement is simple on its face. Put on some clothes and eat a fruitcake which comes from one of the quests you did earlier. The clothes come from tailors, the boots from leatherworkers. As for the hats, well you will need to kill one of three bosses in northrend dungeons who carry the hat. Assuming all you want is the hat, Grand Magus Telestra in Nexus is your easiest bet by far. She may even be soloable on normal for many classes, but not for most priests. So just find a group and grind her on normal mode until everyone looks snazzy.

Then you will have the Merrymaker title and another link in the chain to the Long Strange Journey. Nobody will be able to open a present until December 25, so there's no rush. However, you might as well knock out the harder achievements early while you've got time, as the holidays make the last 1.5 weeks of this holiday fly by for most players. We'll see you next time, which will probably be for Lunar Festival!

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