Saturday, January 9, 2010

Comings and Goings: What Every WoW Business Needs

Well the team is coming along nicely, but there have been a few things that have bothered me over the course of time. Just small things about organizing all the various items our toons accumulate over the course of time. Additionally, my group of IRL friends had made a bank guild of our own when we thought we might use it to easily share things. However, for whatever reason, it never much worked for two of the group members and only the real big businessman among us who put the whole thing together used it a lot. Well the other two IRL friends dropped from the guild and so the guildmaster decided to clear it out and make it his own personal guild bank. While I had heard of these things before, I had no clue why or how one would go about this.

So I'm still in the guild in question, or I should say, my Alliance banker was. I logged in today to take care of some business and I decided to see what had become of the old guild bank. Well here is what I was greeted with:

Now keep in mind the owner of the guild has about 35k gold and has a small team of focused toons. 2 that get a lot of playtime, 2 that get some, and one in the works. Sounds a lot like my team, and I was about at 10k gold this week myself. But anyways, the upside is that this player has exactly what I'm building towards for a team of toons. So seeing the ridiculous amounts of enchanting materials and bars of ore and food made me somewhat jealous but not so much of the materials as of the ability to just have anything he needs one click away and saved up in one place.

Right now my team keeps their own materials individually, so Ekat's bank is ridiculously stacked with shards and dust and she really cannot keep old world stuff at all to help out the leveling healers. She also has three Frostweave bags full of holiday specialty items and pretty clothes from tailoring. So merely holding onto things like cloth have been relegated to the bank toon already, who had bank tab bags full of cloth. The other toons did not quite have the same problem yet, but Navar is getting full of stuff from his mining and I'm sure it is just a matter of time before I want those ores and some herbs from random characters for someone else. In addition, I was never really happy about having a level 1 bank alt because only characters above level 10 are really saved for protection in the Blizzard database from what I hear. Even with an authenticator, if something ever happened to my bank alt, I would be devastated. I also happen to have two 20-30 level characters unguilded and not getting any play. So let's figure this guild thing out.

Well I had no idea where to start, but I seemed to remember seeing a guild master listed the last time I clicked on a guard looking for something in a city. Sure enough, they are listed for your convenience there. The stormwind version is located right up by the front gate, which is convenient because you can recruit within tradechat in the city or in the popular starting zone of Elwynn Forest. You only need 10 silver to pick up a guild charter, and then you need to get 9 characters to sign your charter. This is the "fun" part. Now I realize why I keep seeing people begging for guild charter signatures! Like anything else in the game, the easy way to procure these signatures is by paying a bit of gold, like 5 gold per signature. On a busy weekend day like today, that worked like a charm in Goldshire because that's where the characters are who really need the gold and are most likely unguilded. Although I met a couple unsavory characters in the process, I let my cute blueberry warrior (who will never see serious play again) pay about 40 gold out to finish the charter for The AE Team guild. Return to the guild master and then the guild will be formed, at which point you can boot all your help from the guild and voila, you have your own personal guild.

The bank tabs are very expensive, so I only got the first three for now. I could see once everyone gets leveled going to 4-5, but 3 will work just fine for now. I then spent a while shipping everything over from all the characters to the brand new bank alt, who now sports a very snazzy lovely black dress in Stormwind City. So while I may not delete Aebanky right away, I figure it is only a matter of time before the pink pigtail gnome warlock goes away from the loading screen forever. Setting up my tabs to currently hold cloth, herbs/shards, and gems/ore will allow my team to stock up all they need for the professions I intend to have maxed out (Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Tailoring).

This may be an obvious step for most players, especially ones like me who learned a lot from Gevlon's blog. Nevertheless, this solves the problems of storage space, organization, having a bank alt of a reasonable level, and keeping my bank alt looking stylin'. Yes, I consider pink pigtailed gnomes and blue hooved aliens kind of hot. At least for the not so sexy job of banking and auctioning. So if you see a good looking bank alt in SW on our server, be sure to say hello! Or in other words, welcome back Aenariel to The AE Team.

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