Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now Entering - The Twilight Zone

I'd like to say I have a real substantive entry for this weekend, but alas, I worked a full day today and so it just has not had time to happen. Maybe tomorrow when we catch up on 4 hours of 24. Woot to good television being back in style. Anyways, when I logged in tonight to take care of some business, there was someone in dalaran spamming for a Obsidian Sanctum plus 3 drakes zerg raid. Now that most people are starting to hit ICC gear, the DPS is enough to even take down 25 man Sartharion if the group is well coordinated. Nevertheless, you still do not see a ton of people going to the trouble because it is still difficult. So I jumped in and despite not having only Triumph gear, I got in because they need a tank healer and my DPS does not matter. So off we go to OS.

Well everyone gets buffed up and we get the "this might take a couple tries" speech from the raid organizer. And then something magical happens. We get everything going very well and nobody dies to the flame wall and we literally kill Sarth right before he despawns because the tenth person in the raid had died. But a win is a win! Then since we 1-shot that, we grabbed 15 more people and started a struggle for the 25 man version. We died maybe 10 times, but 5 of those were silly wipes that were not legitimate pulls. We always got him below 500k health so we knew we could do it, and we finally got everything to work with Army of the Dead cast before the pull, Heroism at the pull, and me going Holy so we had 1 disc healer and 1 holy. I actually think it made a difference as Guardian Spirit and Spirit of Redemption into Hymn of Hope kept enough people alive to get just enough DPS. I think we all let out a big cheer in vent as we had PUG'd one of the harder achievements. It's really too bad it was getting late, as this group has aspirations on the Immortal and Undying titles from Naxx, and I think we had a group to give it a good attempt.

In any event, I'm out a little bit of cash for repair bills but I have 60 more hard-earned achievement points and one of my long term goals is crossed off the list. Oh and two titles to go with it. You may now call me...

Twilight Vanquisher Ekaterinae of the Nightfall!!!

In other news, Navar is over 40% through level 79, and he also did a little mining runs to hit up 450 mining. He will drop skinning soon and pick up jewelcrafting. He'll be well behind the times, but he does have some ore built up and should not have to mine too much more to powerlevel that profession. That will finally give me an easier path with enchanting and gems, the two must-haves for gearing. Although I do have a major hook-up from Caz anytime I need gems, so it's not a huge deal. I just don't want skinning anymore and jewelcrafting is the most useful thing a miner can be profit-wise.

So when you least expect it, you may be presented with an opportunity. If this happens, run to it and maybe it will turn into something special!

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  1. Nice, I finally convinced my guild to start going for that. I brought it to them as a money maker, if we can get it for us and our alts then, we can start selling the achievement for guild cash. Whatever gets them in.