Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arielae - The Boss has focused on You!

Well the time has come and gone for interest in Navarionae, and considering he is not a healer, that should not come as a surprise. Thus, with Ekat simply raiding and doing frost dailies and Navar basically becoming a JC daily fiend and moneymaker DK, it is time to shift the focus back to the next leveling character. In this case, Arielae gets the focus because she is highest in the levels. In fact, she has now outpaced Bia and Clara by a wide margin. She hit level 50 this weekend, which is my third character to reach that level, and she has built up some good Feral Cat DPS gear and some good healing gear along the way. But the reason I wrote this short entry (other than saying ding 50) is to say one simple thing...


It's been a very long time since I got a new form, as Dire Bear and Cat and all those come in the first 20-25 levels as I remember. I had to respec a bit to fit in Tree of Life, but wow what a difference in my first random dungeon right after getting the Tree. All of a sudden, the healing game changed as Rejuvenation runs at all times on the tank and you cut it short at the end of the duration with Swiftmend for a massive instant heal. Mana is becoming less of an issue, and the heals are more powerful and swift. I'm sure the druid class still will wax and wane in strength through the levels, but Tree form now makes me feel like a natural healer again.

I've actually blown through rested time and now likely have to turn a bit more attention over to Bia and Clara again. However, Ariel is on the fast track and will certainly be my 3rd level 80 in a short while.

Also, the header of the blog has been updated to reflect some new pretty gear and heirlooms on Ariel and Bia. The team is above 17k gold, by pretty much making bags and cutting a couple epic gems when the raw material price is low. I need a tad over 25k to pay for all the leveling expenses of the three upcoming healers, so the business keeps churning.

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