Sunday, March 28, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 goes live with one big surprise

Two straight entries about being a tree! You'd think I was a tree hugger all of a sudden. But in game, I suppose I am. Ariel dinged a shocking 6 times in maybe 4 to 4.5 hours of gameplay this weekend. She also managed to level herbalism and alchemy in that amount of time to nearly 300 apiece. How did this happen at such a high level? Well when Patch 3.3.3 went live this week, the Call to Arms weekly holidays became more relevant thanks to honor bonuses being implemented for running the chosen weekend battleground. So I jumped into my first ever battleground at level 51 on Thursday night and I figured out how AV works.

After turning in some quests to get to 52, I parked myself in Feralas and sat in the queue while I herbed during the weekend play sessions. With the Call to Arms bonus, the first time you win AV in a day you get about 60% of a level instantly. After that each win is worth about 30-35% instantly. Add to that the 30k experience for capturing the four towers and killing the first general, and you rack up a lot of xp in a mighty hurry. So even when the battles turned into so-called "turtles" a couple of times, it's still more experience per hour than LFG, which takes longer to pop in the 50's, also known as Black Rock Depths levels. So without much effort, Ariel is now level 58. Such a perfect time for the Call to Arms weekend, and now I can skip into Outland and enjoy the questing and instances there. So good progress made.

Ekat also ran a couple raids, saw 25 man Yogg-Saron finally but did not down him. We came very close but ran out of time. I got the first waitlist spot for ICC-10 unfortunately again, so I jumped into the impromptu third run again and we got 3 bosses down without too much trouble. No loot, but I'm about 4-5 emblems away from a second tier piece. So my main also continues on her path.

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