Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Question about Recount

Slightly fuller entry below. However, I'm experiencing what I think is a glitch with Recount but I have no way I know of to test it. I do not think Recount is properly counting my healing spells. I can sit and spam cast and watch recount not move, and it's happened for months. However, now that I raided with our guild leadership (who takes it very seriously), I kept getting called out for not pushing out enough heals. The discipline priest in our raid was not so much more geared than me that he should be healing twice as much as I do when you count shields, but that's what is coming back. There were a couple fights where I cast Circle of Healing every cooldown and Prayer of Healing a few times and couldn't beat someone casting Flash heals and Penance. That does not make sense since we both gem for spell power.

I started paying closer attention and when I would cast CoH, I'd see the six green numbers pop up on screen from 3500-5500 let's say, meaning the total jump on recount should be 25-30k. Yet it moves like 5k, if that. Is there a way to calibrate or test recount to ensure that I'm not being screwed over in the eyes of my guild and raid leadership?

If I'm just not doing it right, that's fine. But I just have a sinking feeling it is not that, and if that holds Ekat out of raids, I'm seriously bothered by it.

Help. All comments are welcomed.

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