Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Raiding at a Top Level Again

Well I told myself if Ekaterinae got selected for the top group or more experienced group of 10-man ICC in my guild which runs two weekly ICC-10 runs, I would splurge on the Sandals of Consecration. I'm not going to pay 23 emblems for the tailoring pattern and 115 more emblems of frost to make the boots, so I bought all of the primordial saronite off the auction house and dropped about 8,000 gold total on the shoes. However, Lord Marrowgar kept not dropping his cloth boots and the Sandals are a bigger upgrade. Well I got into Team Vowain and so I jumped my gearscore from 5302 to 5452 in one day by getting my second Tier 10 piece with emblems and having a guildie make the sandals to replace my poor ilvl 213 boots from Naxx-25.

Then it was time for ICC. While I was still on the low-geared side for Team Vowain, we did pretty well overall despite having a tough night by their standards. They have downed 9 of the 13 bosses in ICC thus far, and we got 7 down on this run. Professor Putricide escaped us but that was likely because we had two people new to the fight including me trying to 2-heal it. For the first time I saw Rotface, Festergut, and the Blood Prince Council fall. Each fight is challenging but not as bad as it seemed before thanks to the 10% buffs. I'm all jazzed up for another two weekends of raiding ICC while my wife and daughter visit family in Colorado in a couple weeks. I'm becoming more confident and I even went Holy spec for the first time in ages.

Trust me, it took a while to get back to the only spec I thought I would ever have before dual spec. But I think I've got it figured back out and was happy to raid heal effectively again.

So how are you doing in ICC?

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