Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time for Tank Advice

Sorry for the short entry in advance but something needs to be said. Listen up well tanks, for while I love you dearly, sometimes you drive me up the wall. And I'm looking specifically at the three errors of three kinds of tanks.

1. PALADINS LISTEN UP! Just because you have an ability than gives you some mana back for effective healing, it DOES NOT MEAN that me using Power Word Shield is a mistake with you. Keep in mind this is what makes a priest unique and perhaps a better healer in an expert's hands, is the diversity of tools including shields. And if you run out of mana, drink! For goodness sakes, healers should not be the only people who drink in a party all the time, and the benefit to your mana regeneration is not all that big a difference. Please stop telling all the other priests in the world differently, forcing those of us who know what we're doing to reteach them their own class when we raid with them.

2. DEATH KNIGHTS LISTEN UP! You have a little ability called Death Grip. Now I know when you starting playing the class people complained about your silly antics with the grip. However, it's there for a reason, such as pulling a caster to you and gaining aggro on it. If you don't snag a caster right away and it is out of Death and Decay range, GUESS WHO IS GETTING NUKED IN WET PAPER TOWEL ARMOR? Me! So pay attention to your aggro bar and don't be afraid to Death Grip!

3. most importantly, WARRIORS, FOR THE LOVE OF AZEROTH, LISTEN UP!!! I know you guys missed out on the patch notes while being all self-centered on Titan's Grip and how Death Knights were making you obsolete blah blah blah. But let me make it clear for you. POWER WORD SHIELD DOES NOT, DOES NOT, DOES NOT!!! AFFECT YOUR RAGE GENERATION IN ANY WAY. NONE! Read the Patch 3.2 notes if you do not believe me. The problem has been fixed, and we can now heal you like every other tank. Stop, please stop telling priests otherwise. You are W-R-O-N-G. And for the record, you are still more enjoyable to heal than Death Knights.

So there you go. I hope you tanks were listening up. And now that I've pissed off 95% of the tanks on the servers, I'll go bum a ride from my favorite teddy bear tank. Until the druids do something that makes me insane anyway.


  1. What druids are fine. Really!!! It's a slap in the face, IN

    No seriously I don't tell a healer how to heal me ever. Frankly you can't heal me enough for the mana return to be worth it anyway. I keep injectors and as an engineer if I go oom I go back to full on my tank with one quick shot. I can quit runic mana injectors anytime I want. I just don't want to right now.
    "Oh yeah that's what mama needs, baby."
    Starting to have trouble with my pallies veins though *smack* *smack*.
    But at least I can't emo I am going to cut myself seal of the martyr anymore. I don't know if you healed back then, but man that was awful. Tanks damaged themselves with that seal and did more dps than the dps. It was weird and emo, but it worked for mana return.

    AHEM!! So Pally tanks Keep some of the "juice" on you at all times, and divine plea when it is off of cooldown.

  2. Heh, very nice Arka. That's the juice I'm talking about from my good paladin tanks. If we did not LFG, I suppose we would not learn how bad it can get!