Friday, May 7, 2010

The Weird Things You See

Short entry since I have to go off to class (last day I can say that as Monday it's back to work!), but it strikes me as funny how sometimes you see weird coincidences in your world. I'm in a weeklong intensive USPTO bar exam prep course this week, and as usual the male to female ratio is slanted towards the males. There's 11 guys and 3 ladies, to be exact.

So one of the ladies is from Belgium, and it finally dawned on me who she reminded me of yesterday afternoon. Her facial expressions, her mannerisms, etc are dead-on Felicia Day, at least as seen in The Guild. And although the similarities for the other two women are more superficial, we have an asian woman who dresses like Tinkerbella and a blonde white woman who is similar in appearance to Clara. Creepy, no? The Guild has invaded my patent bar class!

We don't have a Vork, sadly. If we did, I would make them take a picture because that would be a very creepy "real life looks like the movies/TV/webshow" circumstance!

So happy this course is over in one more day. Then 3 months of worrisome test prep up to another bar exam, which will hopefully be my last one. These are not for the light of heart (college exam = 5-man, law school exam = 5-man heroic, bar exam = 25-man hardmode raiding, for those wanting a comparison).

Also, I finished School of Hard Knocks last night, which means Navar is still on track for his proto in Hallow's End. That achievement is by far the worst holiday achievement because it helps nobody. It teaches you to play the battlegrounds in a bad way, and opens up PvE players to absolute ridicule and harassment from those of us who enjoy PvP occasionally or a lot. But 90% of the holiday events are true bliss, so I'll put up with Blizzard's crap on this one.

With 310% mounts being purchaseable in Cata, I believe Navar will be my last holiday hunter. I'd rather redo the stuff on Ekat than take new characters through a grind for no benefit outside a snazzy looking proto drake.

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