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Character Insight No. 136: Fair Haven (St. Patrick's Day)

This is the latest installment in a series of "Character Insight" articles regarding the rich history of characters in the Star Trek universe.  An audio version will appear on the This Week in Trek podcast, available for direct download here.

Welcome back to Character Insight! It's St. Patrick's Day, and since we've already done a couple of segments on Miles O'Brien, we will celebrate instead by looking at the most Irish holodeck destination shown in Star Trek, a little town called Fair Haven from Voyager, as well as a couple notable characters in the town.
 Fair Haven train station

 (Fair Haven, the Irish holodeck town, courtesy  

 Fair Haven is one of the many programs that Tom Paris makes during the Voyager's journey in the Delta Quadrant. The crew decides to spend extra time in this coastal Irish holodeck town to pass time while riding out a neutronic wave storm in the episode Fair Haven.

Thus, we are introduced to several interesting Irish characters about town. One of these is bartender Michael Sullivan at The Ox and The Lamb, who ends up attracting the affections of Janeway. Indeed, Katie O'Clare, as she's known in this program, goes so far as to reprogram him to be more desirable as a companion!

Quotes from Fair Haven
"Katie O'Clare, this is my wife, Francis...pleased to meet you"
"Oh, one more thing... access his interpersonal subroutines; familial characters... Delete the wife."
Quote from Spirit Things
"I've got a boyfriend who malfunctions."

In the first episode, Michael initially becomes angry about not seeming to win over O'Clare when Janeway retreats to the real world following kissing him and falling for him hard. However, she returns to spend significant time with him a few weeks later when the crew returns to the program in the episode Spirit Things. This relationship becomes vital when the crew needs saved from another Irish hologram named Seamus, who thinks Tom Paris and the Doctor are performing witchcraft and then tries to burn them at the stake.

Quote from Spirit Things
"If you can get a spirit to reveal his true name, you'll render yourself impervious to his charms!"

But thankfully, Michael convinces the others to let the Voyager crew go based on further information and discussions with Janeway. So the day is saved from another holodeck malfunction. At least this one is Irish, and therefore entertaining.

When not trying to burn spirits at the stake, Seamus is seen begging for beer money on many occasions as well as hitting on certain crew members you may know.

Quote from Fair Haven
"Saints preserve us."
"I possess superior hand-eye coordination."
"That's not all that's superior. The lily and the rose are staging a competition on your face."
"The fullness of your lips and the paleness of your cheeks - it's enough to make a man faint."
"Then, in that case, perhaps we should sit down."

Fair Haven provides a good Irish getaway with many romantic and personal relationship possibilities for the stranded crew. Even though it was a centerpiece of two dumb holodeck malfunction episodes, this was a nice change of pace and setting for this particular crew.

Seamus was played by Richard Riehle, who can also be seen in Office Space showing off the Jump to Conclusions mat. Michael Sullivan was played by Fintan McKeown, who also appeared in Game of Thrones as Amory Lorch.

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