Monday, September 28, 2009

Achievement Hunting Volume 1: Brewfest

Although not many people admitted to it before the Achievement system was added to World of Warcraft, we as a playerbase like to chase titles and rewards to feel a sense of completeness or perfectionism. As I'm one of those players with a main and not much else in terms of high-levels, I spend a lot of time experiencing the game on Ekaterinae. She has turned into an achievement junkie of sorts, and I jumped at the opportunity to see all the seasonal holiday events in their full glory. The proto-drake is just a bonus in my opinion. Given when I started playing, this is actually the second time Brewfest has come around for me, but my first real holiday experience was Hallow's End 2008. I was not max level though, so my full completion of the holiday achievements does nto pick up until Winter's Veil. Now that I've seen most of what Blizzard has to offer at least for holiday achievements, I figure it is time to put my two cents in on the achievement hunting process. And so we begin with Brewfest!

Brewfest is an excuse to see the game from a blurred drunken stupor perspective. For those of us who don't really get lambasting drunk anymore or are too young, this is actually a pretty accurate and nifty aspect in game that's not used very much. As far as the holiday achievement-hunting goes, it does not get much easier as far as limited amounts of travel and no PvP, but you will need to do some dailies which is kind of unusual. There are nine achievements on the way to "Brewmaster," and here they are from easiest to hardest (from a priest's perspective):

1. The Brewfest Diet - Purchase a bunch of cheese and sausage from the vendors in the Brewfest area outside Ironforge/Orgrimmar. A couple silver, 10 achievement points, and a lot of heartburn.

2. Strange Brew - Purchase a bunch of drinks from the vendors in the Brewfest area, again a couple silver and voila 10 achievement points. Plus you'll see what drunk gaming looks like as a side benefit.

3. Does You Wolpertinger Linger? - There will be a handful of quests available from the vendors and such in the Brewfest area, and one of them is Catch the Wild Wolpertinger, which requires you to get drunk (you probably already are close from Strange Brew) and then catch Wolpertinger's around the festival grounds with a net. This is like Chicken Party for the Frenzyheart, except you are drunk. Easy peasy and a cute pet to boot.

4. Have Keg Will Travel - In the course of doing the quests and such, you'll get brewfest tokens. These will be saved for later purchases. Once you have 2 tokens, you buy a Fresh Brewfest Hops and turn your mount into a ram for an hour. Again, the hardest part will be doing any of the many quests offered, which is not much to ask.

5. Drunken Stupor - You need to get smashed, fall 65 yards, and not die. This makes the middle of the list because it is very easy for some classes and very annoying for others. For a priest, we have our spot in Shattrath like everyone else where we can jump to the Lower City and fall about 65.5 yards. There may be other locations, but this one is not as easy as it looks. Make sure you take enough booze to get you smashed multiple times in case you mess up and die, like me.

6. Down With The Dark Iron - Back at the festival grounds, every half hour the dark iron dwarves will invade with their little mole-machines and will try to steal all the free booze! So what shall we do? Get drunk on the booze ourselves and throw our empty mugs at them! This is a fun battle that takes about five minutes and you really only need a bunch of warm bodies to do it. The only problem is if your server has a lot of slow periods, but you should be able to log in at some point in 2 weeks and find enough people hanging around to win the battle. Click on the cog that forms at the end of the battle, whether or not you participated, and you get 10 brewfest tokens and 10 achievement points. This is one of the three repeatable quests per day for tokens, so you should probably get to know this one.

7. Direbrewfest - Killing the holiday boss Coren Direbrew is all you have to do. There should be plenty of groups looking to fight him as he does drop some nifty stuff. Coren is a fairly healing intensive fight from what I saw, but there's not a lot to worry about other than burning him down and healing him even though there are some adds. Hardest part should be finding 5 people to group with and making the trek to Blackrock Depths. This is the first moderately difficult part of Brewfest.

8. Brew of the Month - This requires 200 Brewfest tokens. You get a bunch from doing all the quests surrounding the holiday, but you will likely still need to do a couple day's worth of dailies to finish off 200. The dailies are the dark iron fight (for 10/day), a quest to ride around Ironforge/Orgrimmar on a ram and shout about brews (for 15/day) and a task to deliver kegs from Kharanos to the grounds (for 2/keg delivered, about 20-30/day). Look at the front of the camp for the keg delivery task, as it is not a quest that will show up on the minimap. This is just slightly time consuming, which makes it more difficult than the previous seven which could be done in a day. Once you have 200, you go sign up for Brew of the Month Club and you get the achievement.

9. Disturbing The Peace - This requires 350 Brewfest tokens to buy three peices of brewfest clothing. Then you must go to Dalaran and dance while smashed (/dance). What you do after said dancing, that's your business...but you'll nab the achievement. This requires travel and a lot of dailies to get done, so you'll have to be diligent.

Protip - Complete Disturbing the Peace within 2 hours of buying all the pieces of clothing, then return the clothing for your tokens back and use them to buy Brew of the Month membership. This will require 350 tokens total rather than 552 total, which is a difference of about 4 days of dailies. Even in a two-week holiday, 4 days is a lot of time.

All in all, Brewfest was one of the more enjoyable holidays for most with excuses to get drunk, silly fun quests, and easy achievements. The only difficult part is staying diligent enough to do the dailies, but if you are an achievement-hunter, even this is a very small burden. I will be getting Brewmaster tomorrow on Ekaterinae because I did not start the event until five days in, so I hope you enjoy the second week of Brewfest and start collecting those titles and meta-achievements so you can be cool and fly the 310% proto drake with us!

As for the Holiday, I give it a B-. Good, but not great. Now Harvest Festival, that gets an F. Worst holiday in the game, no doubt about it. If you find a reason to care about Harvest Festival (which runs this week BTW), let me know why. I'd love to know.

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