Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Achievement Hunting Vol. 5: Fool for Love

Valentine's Day is but a few days away in real life, and Blizzard also celebrates this Hallmark holiday. If you want to complete What A Long Strange Trip and get your 310% flying speed mount, then this is just another step on the way. Many people failed to finish this meta achievement last year, but the event has been radically updated. I would go so far as to say this event is twice as good as the previous incarnation, maybe more if you are trying for the meta. The RNG luck is largely removed, and thank goodness. Let's jump into the 12 achievements you now need to become a fool for love!

1. Charming - one of the quests that you can find in any major city will require you to give a charm bracelet to the local faction leader. You will receive a care package that allows you to harvest charms from all mobs you kill of a non-gray level. So basically you have to harvest 120 charms to make 12 bracelets, which you can use for a couple other achievements along the way. This is simply a farming session of level appropriate mobs, and find your own favorite spot. I might suggest going into normal mode CoS if you are an endgame toon and just avoid the spawned elites in the first wave. The zombies continuously respawn and pop charms at the best rate I've seen for easy-to-kill mobs. And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without some zombies!

2. Nation of Adoration - After making a bunch of charm bracelets, now you can put them to use. Every city has one of those daily quests to give a bracelet to the faction leader. A quick journey by boat or by airship to all four cities will get you 20 Love Tokens (which are important as explained below) and this achievement.

3. Sweet Tooth - The basic way the holiday works now is that there are seven daily quests you can do for 35 Love Tokens a day. The 4 bracelets, spraying 10 people with perfume, killing some mobs in Crystalsong Forest, and killing the new holiday boss in Shadowfang Keep. You can buy a box of chocolates from the vendors in every city for 10 of these Love Tokens, which gives you at least one of four different kinds of chocolate. Eat one of each and this achievement is yours.

4. Shafted! - And this begins the many awkwardly-named achievements this holiday season. You can also buy 5 Silver Shafted Arrow from the vendors for 5 Love Tokens. You will need 10 total, so 10 Love Tokens necessary. Then you shoot 10 random people who do not have a noncombat pet already, and the arrow will provide them with a miniature goblin cupid pet. This can be done very shortly by hanging around the vendors.

5. The Rocket's Pink Glare - this should be familiar if you have done other holiday achievements which require you to buy rockets and shoot them off. Here you will need to pay another 10 Love Tokens and shoot off the 10 love rockets within a 20 second time frame. Best to do this one away form the vendors and lag-prone zones to ensure you get it done on the first try.

6. Be Mine! - This was the bane of many in Love is in the Air 2009. You see, last year you had to go to a guard every hour and get a random gift from them, of which you needed things like the candy bags you can now purchase for 2 Love Tokens. Instead of being stuck on RNG, you can easily buy 3-5 bags of these candies and be almost assured of getting all 8. Plus, these are tradeable between players. Therefore, this went from one of the hardest achievements to get to one of the easiest. Or at least as easy as all these others where you buy and you are done.

7. Lonely? - This is sort of analogous to the Frosty Shake in Winter's Veil. you need to sit with someone who has laid out a Romantic Picnic Basket (10 Love Tokens) and eat a Buttermilk Delight from the box of chocolates you bought earlier. This is pretty simple, but you do need to be in Dalaran and you do need to coordinate with someone else to get the achievement. Still, it's not much more than the other 10 Love Token achievements.

8. Flirt With Disaster - The next purchase you need to make from the vendors is 15 Handfuls of Rose Petals for 15 Love Tokens. As you can see, you will need some serious daily completion, but it's not as bad as it could be (Noblegarden comes to mind). You will need one of these handfuls and some liquor from your local inn or pub. Then you get smashed and throw the handful on a traveling vendor in Ironforge or Undercity and then /kiss them. If you liked Bresfest, you'll enjoy this. By the way Horde members, don't try to buy liquor in Undercity, as they don't have it apparently.

9. Fistful of Love - Hey now, keep the fisting to a minimum! This is the stereotypical do something to 10 race/class combinations, in this case throw a handful of rose petals on 11 combinations. I have not completed this yet on Navar, but Troll Rogue is definitely the one that will drive Alliance players up a wall. No matter, with 2 full weeks instead of 6 days in the holiday this year, you should be able to handle finding all the necessary combinations in time.

10. Dangerous Love - Now we come to the achievements you need to be near level 80 to complete. At the end of the major quest chain for the holiday, two daily quests pop up for high level toons. One of these is Crushing the Crown, which requires you to take a quick flight down to Crystalsong Forest and kill 5 mobs and throw a bomb into a wagon. Very quick and simple, and you will fight lag more than the mobs.

11. I Pitied The Fool - The PVP achievement this holiday is actually very easy and not all full of PVP. You have to buy 5 Love Fools or share them with guildies and friends (they only last a few seconds), and at 10 Love Tokens apiece, it's probably easier to find help than grind it out. In any event, once you have the Love Fools, you must go to five places and /pity them. Arathi Basin blacksmith, Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena in STV, Wintergrasp, Culling of Stratholme, and Naxxramas. You do need to form a raid with a friend to do the Naxxramas one, but that's not a huge deal for most. More travel than anything.

12. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose - Just like the Winter's Veil hats, you will need to obtain a bouquet of red or ebon roses from a boss in a 5-man WOTLK dungeon. these can be run on normal mode so that you can farm a boss five times for everyone in a group. Prince Keleseth is the first boss of Utgarde Keep and is the easiest to farm. The other two bosses which drop roses are the Maiden of Grief in HoS and Prince Taldaram in Old Kingdom. Both of these bosses are harder to get to, but if you have luck in your daily heroic, you may not need to farm these separately.

With the redesign to the holiday, you can be done with the dailies if you are diligent in just 3-4 days. No random RNG, no annoying hour long debuffs to wear out, you are always doing something. Also, the new bosses drop some nice level 226 neckpieces which I picked up on both my 80's on day 1...and the bosses also have a pet and a mount like the Headless Horseman. This set of bosses is quite a bit harder, requiring either CC or at least two tank-capable toons per group and good cordination of neutralizer elixirs and staying out of puddles. Two thumbs up to extending this holiday to two weeks and all the changes. On the whole, this is also one of the easiest holiday meta-achievements to get finished. So go get it done, as the second week of this holiday coincides with the first week of Lunar Festival this year, and you'll want to jump into that quickly if last year is any indication.

If you have any comments on this or any other achievement hunter entry, please comment. Also, if there's another achievement that's not holiday related that you want to know about, let me know and I'll find time to fit it in for you! Until next time, cheers to the achievement junkies!

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