Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Achievement Hunting Vol. 6: Lunar Festival

Well this is just a crazy time of year, with Love is in the Air running simultaneously with the Lunar Festival. However, last year was a lot worse as the last week of Lunar Festival coincided with the 6 day Love holiday, and people went crazy trying to finish both at the same time. Thankfully with the changes to Love is in the Air, you should have been able to clear that out in the first week. If not, a few more daily quests should get the job done over the last 4 days of that holiday. The Lunar Festival is bar none the most straightforward and time consuming holiday there is, even topping the travel fun in Hallow's End. The basic idea is going and respecting a bunch of Elders who appear in spotlights all over the world. Let's cover the achievements in our usual fashion.

The holiday can be started in any major capital of either faction. You will find an elder and a starter quest that asks you to set off some fireworks to celebrate the occasion. These cost a handful of silver, but not much for any toon, even low leveled. Then you will receive an invitation to Moonglade, normally the home of druids only. In Moonglade you will find a festival area and a festival vendor inside the town. You should head this way early in the holiday, espeically if you are low level for reasons set out below.

1. Frenzied Firecracker - you need to purchase 10 firecrackers for some silver from the vendors in the major cities and then set off the firecrackers within 30 seconds. You do need to target the ground somewhere for each one, so it is better if you put the firecrackers on your action bar. Still, very easy to do right away.

2. The Rocket's Red Glare - if you finished Love is in the Air, then this will be familiar. You buy 10 rockets and set them off in 25 seconds. The rockets just cost a few silver from the same city vendor you got the firecrackers from, so again, you should have this achievement in a minute.

3. Elune's Blessing - Although Omen is a level 80 dog in Moonglade with tons and tons of health, the first week of the festival is full of people summoning and killing him. All you have to do is be around when Omen is killed, as everyone in the vicinity can walk into the moonglow spotlight when he dies to receive Omen's blessing, finishing the quest and the achievement. Thus, go to Moonglade this week, as Omen is very hard to see killed in the last half of this very long holiday.

4. Elders of the Alliance - This is speaking from Alliance perspective, so if Horde just swap the factions. As mentioned above, there are elders all over the world you visit and each gives you a Coin of Ancestry. There coins can be used to buy firecracker packages and six colorful outfits in Moonglade, but you'll only need 30-35 for all that fun. However, there are 75 elders to find and the four in your faction's capital cities are the easiest.

5. Elders of Eastern Kingdoms - There are 17 elders hiding in nearly every zone of the Eastern Kingdoms. There are slightly fewer elders here than in Kalimdor and the flight paths for both factions generally put you in better position to get to these elders. Probably the hardest elder to get to in this lot is Moonstrike in Scholomance (outside the instance).

6. Lunar Festival Finery - You need to purchase a dress or suit for 5 Coins of Ancestry. It's probably a good time to take a break after doing Eastern Kingdoms and before tackling Kalimdor, as the grind of travel is easy to wear on you. Plus with the brightly colorful clothes you can be styling as you ride your ground mount all over the world.

7. Elders of Kalimdor - This is the same grind as Eastern Kingdoms, with 21 elders instead of 17. And a couple of these elders are incredibly hard to get to if you have never opened up the zones and flight paths. The most difficult is Elder Brightspear in Winterspring, as you need to have the tunnel opened to you in order to get there a first time. Hopefully you have enough time to get on this right away, as nothing should hold you back with three weeks to get things like this done.

8. 50 Coins of Ancestry - If you've been following along this path roughly and getting some instance coins as well, you will hit the last of the coin of ancestry achievements and the one you need for the meta, which is 50. This just happens by a function of you needing to get all 75 anyways, so this is a throwaway.

9. Elders of Northrend - There are 18 more elders in Northrend, and I guess elders don't visit Outland because it's not Azeroth proper. In any event, these are probably easier than the previous ones for high levels because you can use your flying mount. If nothing else, these will go quicker.

10. Elders of the Horde - This would be the opposite faction, which you should do during the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor runs. However, each of these are a real pain, especially early in the holiday where PvP players will be griefing those trying to get the elder coins. These are also right in the busy holiday sections of each city, so it will be hard to not run into people. Nevertheless, this is easier than most PvP holiday achievements overall.

11. Elders of the Dungeons - And now we come to the meat of the matter. As you travel around the world, you also need to drop into some instances and tear through them to find Elders hiding somewhere inside. Seven of these dungeons are in Northrend and you can run most of them on normal, and six more in the old world should be easy for level 80 characters. You will need to be level 80 anyways because one coin is in Utgarde Pinnacle and another is only available in heroic Gundrak. These will be the hardest two coins to get, and I have a friend who failed to get these coins last year, which led to them wiping out all his achievements this year and he's got to do it all over again. So beware, don't take on the task unless you are ready to commit the time to finish it.

And that's all there is! This is so straightforward it is hard to jazz up 7 straight entries about "go find coins". But nevertheless, you will not be alone. In fact, my two tips are these. First, you should travel with a buddy if possible to keep you company. If that person happens to be a hunter who can make you move faster, so be it. The second tip is although discovery on your own is fun, this holiday is really one you should follow a guide so that you don't waste time backtracking. The best online guide is Wowhead as usual: http://www.wowhead.com/?guide=lunar-festival. However, there are also a couple addons that can help as well. Use the guides, save some time, especially if you are crazy enough to run this holiday on more than one toon. I will be completing this on Navar, but it has not changed from when Ekat did it and I wish you the best of luck. Congrats to new Elders and to those who finish Long Strange Trip on this holiday for their drake.

Again, let me know if there are any non-holiday achievements you want me to speak about, especially considering we have a long break to Noblegarden. See you next time!

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