Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Money-Making Game Changes

Patch 3.3.3 surprisingly jumped onto the PTR (public test realms) this week, and there are quite a few spicy changes. None of these will come as a huge shock to those who've been around long enough to see a full expansion cycle through, but many people like myself jumped in right before WOTLK and so this is new to us. Basically, towards the end of an expansion many things which required rep grinds or many craftable items that had big cooldowns on them lose these rep requirements and cooldowns. This happens because not only are these items very outclassed by the gear you can grind up quickly at the end of an expansion, but also we are preparing the crafting professions for being powerleveled through by new artisans. After all, can you imagine the grind of having to wait on cooldown cloth to level the last bit of vanilla tailoring, and the same for BC, and the same for WOTLK, before you ever got to Catacylsm tailoring? Well that is what is going on.

More specifically, the four day cooldown on specialty cloth (Spellweave, Moonshroud, and Ebonweave) is being removed. Also, the one day cooldown on Titansteel is being removed. To balance one item that would become too cheap otherwise, a SEVEN day cooldown is being added to Glacial Bag, which requires 4 Moonshroud and 4 Ebonweave to make. My initial reaction to these changes was kind of gut-wrenching, because I've been replenishing the gold pile I spent (probably 10-12k) on Navarionae with Titansteel and of course continued specialty cloth production. But on the other hand, these items have cooled down significantly since their high caused by the ICC Patch 3.3. So it is not like these were raking in ludicrous amounts of money anymore. In any event, if you have stockpiles of these items, there is absolutely no reason not to post them on the AH in moderate amounts over the next couple weeks to get your cooldown profits before they disappear.

For my own personal money-making game, I realized I had become too robotic again in relying on cooldowns. Now that those are going away, I started investigating what else I could do, other than the sporadic Netherweave Bag market. Well my handy dandy new 450 JC toon has a ton of options. He did wait until being able to buy the pattern for Chaotic Skyflare Diamond to level JC to 450, but he just exhausted his supply of those from leveling. Those bring in about 20 gold per cut on average, and they sell in decent amounts. I decided to take a shot at the moon with a caster skyflare diamond (Ember) that is really the best for casters. If it sells as the market indicates, it will be a monster 70-80 gold per cut.

Furthermore, I will keep on grinding the JC daily to get tokens for some recipes, but in my needs for Ekat and Navar I pretty much have two of the best selling epic patterns already bought (Solid blue for stam, which every tank stacks; and Runed red for spellpower, which many casters stack). Just by being in Dalaran yesterday at the right time, I was able to cut two Runed Cardinal Rubies for someone and they tipped 60 gold. I also have been trying to run WG on Ekat because Navar needs the last elder to open up for the Lunar Festival, and she always ends up staying for 10 minutes to fish afterwards. Fish Feasts sell like candy too. So in my own ways, I will continue to profit without the use of cooldowns and you should too.

Another 3.3.3 change that's coming is a Frozen Orb vendor. Yes, all those Frozen Orbs that have been useless for months now will be spent at a vendor for any eternal or upgraded to upper level orbs. I have vendored the vast majority of mine, which now turns out to be a mistake as 5 gold is less than what eternals are worth. On the bright side, this should crash the eternal market slightly on the more expensive eternals (sorry transmuting Alchemists). However, the dark side to this is that ninja need rolling on Frozen Orbs will jump significantly. It's already happened to me twice this weekend after only happening 2-4 times over the past few weeks. So be on your guard, because the greedy will be rolling need a lot more now.

On the team front, Arielae has now dinged 45 and Biancae 32, so the alts are back into play now that the first alt is pretty well-established as an 80 tank.

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