Sunday, July 5, 2009

Achievements Yay!

So I nabbed Clarissa some quests and got her over to Azure Watch, where she picked up her heirloom shoulders from Ekat and some money. Clarissa is trained to learn First Aid, Engineering, and Mining as well as she levels out on the islands. Clarissa dinged to 6 this weekend, and Arielae and Bianca are at 10.

I actually spent a lot of time on Ekat, finishing up another faction at the Tournament (Ironforge) and getting exalted with Darnassus and Ironforge as well. This leaves Gnomeregan as the last faction to champion and get exalted. I also went in search of keys, which led me to BRD as well as the plaguelands for Scholo. Then I ran Scholo, BRD, and LBRS with Eitrin, who finished off his classic dungeonmaster. I need to do Stratholme to be done with that. While in BRD by myself, I took on a couple fire elementals and grinded my unarmed skill to 400, finishing off Master of Arms as well as Knuckle Sandwich. The old school instances continue to amaze me, as they are definitely fun and engaging. Must have been really hard back in the day though.

So Ekat will be working on Keymaster, as she's only 4 keys away now. Also will knock out Strat for classic dungeonmaster and then will move onto classic raids with Eitrin. Fun times!

Oh and a picture because Eitrin is obviously THE KING! :-)

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