Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blowout City


Let that sink in for a moment. That's the embarrassment my beloved Cincinnati reds put up last night against defending world champion Philadelphia. It stands as the worst losing margin in the 140 year history of the Reds organization. While most people today appear to be wishing there were a mercy rule in Major League Baseball (it was 10-0 in the first inning), I have to say I get some sick enjoyment out of watching a position player come in to pitch like Paul Janish did for the second time this season. Sure, he gave up 5 in an inning of a 15-4 loss and gave up 6 last night in an inning, but it's like watching a little leaguer out there pitching in the big leagues. I can only imagine what the pitching coach went out there to tell Janish last night before he gave up the grand slam that made it 22-1...what advice can you give a non-pitcher on how to pitch??

This game brought my attention to other blowouts in my life. Whether it be my usually awful slow-pitch softball team or my PvP record on my main, I don't have to look far for blowouts in my life. Ekaterinae is a holy priest, which means most of the time in a battleground I look like this:

Now things got better in 3.1 with dual specs, as I could experiment with Shadow and learn the secrets of purple power. One of the best moments in my PvP career was defending Ironforge and Stormwind against an AIE Horde raid, as both throne rooms are close quarters and Mind Sear does about 15,000 DPS when there's 60 raiders in close quarters. I've even taken down some bad Death Knight players at 80 in battlegrounds, at least when I can go mano-a-mano. But anytime I want to heal, Holy just does not cut it. Perhaps there's someone out there who could give advice other than "spec Disc," but until then I'll be experiencing a lot of battlegrounds where I spend as much time in the Spirit of Redemption form as I do in human form. In other words, PvP to Ekat is like last night to the Cincinnati Reds.

Considering Ekat is my achievement hunter, I'm actually thinking about dropping the Shadow spec down the road to pick up Discipline. That way I wouldn't feel as inadequate about single-target healing (although Guardian Spirit with a 1 minute cooldown is pretty spicy for Holy) and could fully immerse myself in this PvP aspect of Warcraft that I just have not experienced enough of to this point.

In other news, Biancae (10) and Arielae (10) are resting up for more leveling work while Clarissae (8) has dinged a couple of times and picked up some heirloom shoulders to make the xp fly by. Clarissae will continue to clean up Azuremyst Island from the wretched results of the Exodar crash, and soon I suspect she'll be on her way over to Bloodmyst.

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