Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday to Clarissae

Well it's official, all three of the younger members of the AE Team now share a level, that level being 10. This is a good time to really begin to learn what these characters can do, and we'll see how long it takes before we're celebrating the big 2-0 on all of them. Clarissae is almost done with Azuremyst Isle now, and will be making a trip to mecca, I mean the Exodar, before she heads up to Bloodmyst to continue her training. She's also trained up a level in Mining hitting 55/150 and Engineering which is at 67/100. Engineering is a neat profession as it kind of builds on itself rather than requiring fresh mats all the time like Tailoring and Enchanting. I'll get to see how some of these explosives work as I level now.

Here's the DING picture just because I hadn't posted one yet and well, Ekat doesn't get these anymore.

And an update is in order with Clarissa hitting double digits, here's what she looks like in some more quest greens, her new staff instead of a mace, and her heirloom shoulders (can we call them shoulders if they only cover one? /boggle).

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